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When it comes to orthotics, you have two options to consider: off-the-shelf and custom.


How To Order Your Custom Orthotics with Integrated Medical Laboratory

First , fill in the contact sheet with all your information on the contact page and send it to us. We will locate a professional in your area that is fully qualified to exam your feet and write a prescription for your orthotic device and we will tell you how to how to contact them. Set your appointment and have your feet examined.

Your professional will either use our 3D Scanning device or an iPad Scanner that we provide them to analyze your feet. In situations where your professional does not have a 3D Scanner or an iPad Scanner, they might elect to make a mold of your feet using one of our foam box units and have you send us that in addition to the written prescription they write for you. These units are designed to be mailed and are easy to use when needed, particularly in remote areas where professionals are more difficult to locate and podiatry services are limited. They can be sent out to any professional in Canada within a few days if needed.

Once we receive your prescription, we will call you promptly and review both the prescription and the price for your orthotic device and get your approval and give you payment instructions. After we have discussed the prescription and your orthotics in detail with you and after you have paid, we then have the orthotic device manufactured to your prescription requirements and the specifications set out by your professional examination. It takes approximately 3-5 working days to have your custom device manufactured, and we will send it to you upon completion. All orthotics are sent by express mail with tracking and signature upon delivery required.

Most orthotic devices will cost the patient from $250 to $750. We will call you and go over your prescription with you in detail, we will confirm your order, and we will discuss any options available to you.

Also know that we are capable of filling orthotic prescriptions for those experiencing the serious loss of foot functionality due to diabetic issues or injuries, accommodating amputated toes to serious structural foot deformities. We are also able to custom fit any orthotic device to a specific pair of shoes if needed, and custom shoes for those with serious foot deformity are available when needed.

Your orthotics come with a full one year warranty for materials and labour and your satisfaction is always our primary concern.


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