Leaders in Orthotics

Our History

In the beginning

Three quarters of the way through the 20th century, the market for prescription foot orthotics was brand new. We saw the need for serious minded doctors to begin pioneering the industry to ensure that quality devices were available.

With a couple of small tools and an ambition to provide the highest quality orthotics to his fellow practitioners, Integrated Medical Laboratories got to fulfill that need


With the launch of our first newsletter in 2005, we sought to start a conversation about biomechanical issues that may be of interest to our community of practitioners. Still going strong to this day, our newsletter has kept up with the times to try and tackle subjects of the moment.

It has served as an intellectual forum for hundreds of doctors who have written articles for us, and we take great pride in it’s contribution to the industry.


Embracing Technology

With Integrated Medical Laboratories Rx form integrated right into the app, completing the process of sending an order to the lab has never been faster.

Your entire order history is saved within the Application, so you can review scans and Rx Forms whenever you need to.