iPad Scanner

iPad Scanner

Quick. Accurate. Portable.

Quick Facts

Quick Orthotic Facts - Cost


$1,200 for scanner/ iPad unit. Based on volume, we offer both discounts and free loans of the complete system. Please get in touch to learn more.

Quick Orthotic Facts - benefits


○ Sub 5-minute scan and submit
○ Portable – scan anywhere
○ Reduced turn-around time
○ Less expensive than alternatives

Quick Orthotic Facts - Prescriptions


Our custom iOS App allows both the scanning and Rx form to be completed within a single application. Everything is sent to the lab with one click.

Step #1

Order an iPad and Occipital scanner through Integrated Medical Laboratories, or ask us how you can buy your own.

Included in the cost, of course, is an iPad. This can be disconnected from the scanner and used separately.

Ipad Scanner

Ipad Scanner

Step #2

Download and install the 3DSizeMe App from the Apple App store on your iPad. Then go to Settings and change your Bundle ID to Integrated Medical Laboratories.

Once this is complete you are ready to start prescribing. If ordering the system through us, we take care of this set-up process for you.

Step #3

With Integrated Medical Laboratories Rx form integrated right into the app, completing the process of sending an order to the lab has never been faster.

Your entire order history is saved within the Application, so you can review scans and Rx Forms whenever you need to.

Ipad Scanner

Let’s talk about the iPad Scanner!

Please get in touch if you would like to learn more about this scanning system.