Veriscan Scanner

Veriscan Scanner

Cutting-edge Scanning Technology

Quick Facts

Quick Orthotic Facts - Cost


$5,500 CAD for the scanning system. Software is free. Based on volume, we offer both discounts and free loans of the complete system. Please get in touch to learn more.

Quick Orthotic Facts - benefits


○ The highest quality scanning method available
○ Easy re-orders
○ Submit scans digitally
○ All records of scans and Rx forms kept on file

Quick Orthotic Facts - Prescriptions


With a highly intuitive Rx form integrated into the Envisic software, sending orders in to the lab has never been easier. Everything gets sent with one click.


Premium Scans

Collecting more than 10X the data points of the nearest scanner, the Veriscan has broken through the limitations of accuracy.

The Veriscan bridges the gap in the trade-off between quality and efficiency. The reorders and customer satisfaction that our clients are experiencing from their patient’s is helping to grow every practice we work with.

Powerful Prescriptions

Prescription software has never been more powerful. Draw data points right on your scans, submit pictures along with digital scans, and complete our integrated Rx form to submit everything with one click of the button.

Your entire order history remains available to you forever. Review scans and Rx forms whenever you need to.

Prescription Software

Clinic Cast Scanner

Clinic Cast Scanner

If you prefer to use casts or foam boxes, Veriscan has an alternative scanning system available, so that you do not miss out on the software benefits of the system.

Scan your casts or foam boxes, complete the integrated Rx form, and submit everything to the lab digitally. This significantly helps to reduce turnaround times, while allowing you to review previous orders in the Veriscan system.

Let’s talk about the Veriscan!

Please get in touch if you would like to learn more about this scanning system.